Season 1, Episode 2

Imogen Lehtonen is an unassuming worldwide inspiration to many women.  

Be it through her family’s jewelry company, The Great Frog, her stint on “Ride” with Norman Reedus, or her iconic instagram feed portraying a rock ‘n’ roll, LA, motorcycle dream life.

“I’d go to University on the back of my Dad’s bike”


Imogen was born in London, raised in New Zealand and currently resides in Los Angeles

where she runs her family’s Melrose Avenue branch of The Great Frog.

Her family’s sterling silver jewelry, long known in rock ‘n’ roll circles as their iconic skulls have been adorning rock and metal Legends such as Motorhead, Led Zeppelin and Metallica for the last 45 years.

Imogen’s beautiful instagram account gives us all a peek into that LA, rock ‘n’ roll motorcycle life. From her illustrious modelling side-hustle to motorcycle trips in Californian Canyons you can be sure to feast your eyes on the stuff of dreams.

Imogen Lehtonen talks to our host Kojii Helnwein about all things Great Frog, how her motolife started, her road trip across the USA on a Harley, how she met Norman Reedus and rode with him up the Pacific Coast Highway and her journey through the Italian countryside for Ducati.

You can follow Imogen www.instagram.com/imogenocide

Her store https://www.thegreatfroglondon.com/

Hit PLAY below for Episode 2 of the Motowitch Chronicles where Imogen talks with Kojii about her motolife, her childhood, becoming a silversmith, road trips,  Harleys, and so much more.

All photos courtesy of Imogen Lehtonen

“My Dad and I got this little Honda running and to be able to go out, wherever I wanted was an amazing feeling. It was indescribable. I was hooked from that moment”


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