motorcycle woman riding a Triumph Bonneville with retro open face helmet



Aug 08 2020


10:00 am - 4:00 pm





Petrolettes Photo Rally DUBLIN 2020

WOMEN ALL OVER EUROPE RIDE OUT IN SOLIDARITYmotorcycle woman riding a Triumph Bonneville with retro open face helmet

Motowitch Collective will ride out on August 8th to take part in the Petrolettes Photo Rally 2020.

For those of you who don’t know, Petrolettes is an all-female Motorcycle Festival in Germany where women from all over Europe ride out and gather for a weekend of motorcycles, off-road training, sprint racing, lake swimming, moto-games, ride-outs, rock n roll concerts, educational workshops and so much more. It’s a weekend that many look forward to but this year COVID19 threw a spanner in the works and it has been cancelled. ⁠

HOWEVER, the ever-resourceful women on the Petrolettes Team came up with Plan B. Women all over Europe have activated their cities in order to take part in a solo or group Photo Rally (depending on restrictions in their locale). ⁠

To show solidarity across nations, women will share photos of their bikes at set locations in their cities for a round-up video of everyone’s experiences broadcast on the following weekend – Saturday: August 15, 2020.

Participants will be given four checkpoints. Each round trip with a distance of 250/300 km from participant’s city and back will be selected individually by every female rider (you can ride alone or in a group).⁠

The challenge is to cross checkpoints that we announce beforehand and take at least four pictures/videos as evidence that you have passed the relevant points.⁠

👉Registration for your local ride must happen at Petrolettes.com even if your city has already been activated. This is how you will receive the Photo points. ⚠️ REG BEFORE JULY 20th ⚠️⁠
👉After you register for the Petrolettes Dublin ride: Join the Motowitch Collective Facebook Group to meet the rest of the riders and stay in the loop should there be any changes.⁠
⁠👉Please hit those share buttons and spread the word.


Let’s Ride!⁠

Use hashtags #petrolettesDublin #Petrolettes2020#MotowitchCollective

P.S. This event is only for women per Petrolettes guidelines but we hear you. There will be another, all-inclusive Irish ride-out for everyone soon.⁠

P.P.S. We will be keeping an eye on registration numbers and social distancing guidelines. Should anything change again closer to the date we will be in touch. So make sure you join our FB group 😁⁠


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