The Best Christmas Gifts for Motorcycle Lovers



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Are you struggling with ideas on what to get the biker in your life for Christmas this year?

Well, have no fear! Motowitch is here with festive tidings of Motorcycle gifts for men, women, and well, not really children because that would be irresponsible although we do have some cute kids t-shirts. Anyway, our list of the best Christmas gifts for motorbike lovers has everything from stylish motorbike apparel to leather panniers, handy tech accessories and rad helmets, gloves, and more! This is your ultimate list for all things biker this Christmas, so check out our top picks below; we even threw in some wheelie bad bike puns and Christmas jokes to help get you in the festive mood!

Oh What Fun It Is To Ride!

The Ultimate Motorbike Christmas Gift List PART 1:


Elf no 1: “Who is Santa’s favourite singer?”

Elf no 2: “Elf-is Presley!”


Motorcycle Apparel
Some of our favourite Motorbike gifts this year include stylish motorbike apparel. Bike clothes no longer have to be ugly, overly padded, clunky or unflattering. From comfy t-shirts and jumpers to protective leggings that are also aesthetically pleasing. Not to mention beautiful leather boots and handcrafted accessories, the emerging world of bike fashion that can be worn as street style means there are more and more options out there. Here are our top recommendations…


Motowitch Apparel

Motowitch offers a range of made-to-order 100% ringspun cotton t-shirts in various styles suitable for men, women, and children. Other products include cushioned socks (perfect for winter rides), baseball caps, and hoodies. Great motorbike gifts for all the family!

Ashley Watson

Ashley Watson provides luxury mens motorbike apparel and accessories, with styles that can be worn on the bike on in the street. Casual and stylish jackets come with reinforced Dyneema arm panels and removable protective armour. Perfect gifts for motorbike lovers with a penchant for fashion.

Motogirl UK

Motogirl have a brilliant range of flattering triple layer protective riding leggings and jeans made from Kevlar fiber, as well as waterproofs and protective jackets with CE Approved Level 2 elbow and shoulder protection.


Iron & Resin

Forged in California, Iron and Resin offer outdoor wear suitable for biking and surfing. They create casual, comfy, and stylish clothes that were built to last, and do their part whenever possible for the environment.

Wild Dust Sisters

Wild Dust Sisters offers quirky riding apparel for women ranging from cool retro inspired jumpsuits to t-shirts, hand-crafted leather goods, stylish silk scarves, and headwear. Wild Dust Sisters make wonderful unique gifts for motorcycle riders.

Blackbird Motorcycle Wear

Australian company Blackbird Motorcycle Wear have a fantastic range of men and women’s bike jackets, as well as t-shirts, vests, gloves, and accessories. They even have an option to pay for items in installments and worldwide shipping.




Stylmartin offer motorbike boots in a range of styles from urban to cafe racer, touring, racing, off-roading, and even minimoto! Manufactured using only high-quality full grain leather, they are beautiful, comfortable, waterproof and breathable.


Ortodoux produce incredibly high-quality leather boots and matching leather shift pads to stop the gears from scuffing your new boots! Ortodoux boots are perfect for luxurious motorbike gifts for both men and women who appreciate high-quality footwear.


Knox Armour

As well as offering armoured shirts (for men and women), high-quality base layers, and incredible heated vests, Knox also some seriously good motorbike gloves. Their gloves come with knuckle protectors and a Patented Dual Compound Knox Scaphoid Protection System (SPS) on the palms.

78 Motor Co

78 Motor Co specialise in beautiful high-quality and retro styled bike gear. Their signature gloves are particularly notable, coming in a range of elegant styles and bright colours. They are also well-known for their retro style helmets and silk scarves.

Atom Riders

Similar to 78 Motor Co, Atom Riders also specialises in retro/vintage style and bright poppy colours. They offer both Summer and Winter unisex gloves in their product range. If you’re looking for unique gifts for motorcycle riders for those who love all things vintage and retro then Atom Riders (and 78 Motor Co) are absolutely perfect!


Rare Bird London

Rare Bird London provide summer and Winter face masks that are windproof and waterproof. They come in a range of beautiful patterns from Paisley to Tweed and finished with genuine leather or suede. They even have an option to design your own bespoke mask.

Black Arrow Label

Black Arrow create safe and stylish moto gear such as trousers, gorgeous motorcycle jackets, shirts and some great accessories such as these super soft cashmere neck warmers. They are thick enough to keep out the wind and chill yet also lightweight. This Australian brand say they refuse to compromise on safety or style so the Black Arrow rider has both.


Helmets are the only type of mandatory bike gear that is required to be worn by law. Therefore, it’s an essential bit of kit, and one that can make an enjoyable yet practical gift for any of your loved ones that are in to their bikes. However, when shopping around for helmet, you should check what size they are first as it’s important that the helmet fits correctly, as well as ensuring that it meets the required safety checks. If you’re not sure of the above details, then it’s best to purchase a gift voucher.


Shark is a French brand with over 25 years experience in producing motorcycle helmets. The company was founded by former professional racers, and they focus on an ethos of high-quality products that exceed safety standards.

Atom Riders

With a signature line of retro style helmets in fun quirky colours and unique bubble visors, Atom Riders products make enviable gifts.

Premier Helmets

Premier has been passionate about helmets since 1956. With various distinct collections, their helmets often decorated with vibrant and unique graphics that cannot be found in many other places, making them truly unique gifts for motorcycle riders.

78 Motor Co

78 Motor Co focus on low weight carbon fibre composite helmet for the brat, flat and the cafe racer fans. With a cool vintage style and made in small batches, they are always flying off the shelves.

All photos © of the respective brands

This list is so epic that we had to split it into TWO parts.

We just couldn’t leave anything out so be sure to tune in again very soon;

“Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel”

Don’t miss out on PART TWO of the

Ultimate Motorbike Christmas Gift List




Motowitch Christmas List for Motorcycle Lovers PART TWO Triumph Bonneville T100 outside Irish Castle with Santa Hat

The Best Christmas Gifts for Motorcycle Lovers Part Two

Welcome to Part TWO of the Ultimate List of Gifts for your Motorcycle Lover. We have all sorts of wonderful moto gear to share with you from handmade leather to modern tech, all the way to options that will earn you serious Kharma points. We even left 2 free gifts for YOU to make your gifting experience even easier.

Motowitch Christmas List for Motorcycle Lovers PART one Triumph Bonneville T100 outside Irish Castle with Santa Hat

The Best Christmas Gifts for Motorcycle Lovers

Motowitch is here with festive tidings of Motorbike gifts for men, women, and kids. Our list of the best Christmas gifts for motorbike lovers has stylish motorbike apparel, leather panniers, handy tech accessories and rad helmets, gloves, and more. This list is so incredible we had to split it into TWO parts! Welcome to Part ONE

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Rhiannon Robertson

Writer, Travel Blogger, Motowitch Crew

Rhiannon is a professional freelance writer and travel blogger, just starting out on her bike journey. The ultimate goal is to completely conquer her anxiety and go on some truly epic road trips on some awesome bikes and explore the world on two wheels.


You can follow her adventures and progress on her blog The Gypsy Heart Travels or follow her on Instagram @Gypsyhearttravels


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