The Best Christmas Gifts for Motorcycle Lovers


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Are you struggling with ideas on what to get the biker in your life for Christmas this year?

Well, have no fear! Motowitch is here with festive tidings of Motorcycle gifts for men, women, and well, not really children because that would be irresponsible although we do have some cute kids t-shirts. Anyway, our list of the best Christmas gifts for motorbike lovers has everything from stylish motorbike apparel to leather panniers, handy tech accessories and rad helmets, gloves, and more! This is your ultimate list for all things biker this Christmas, so check out our top picks below; we even threw in some wheelie bad bike puns and Christmas jokes to help get you in the festive mood!

Oh What Fun It Is To Ride!

The Best Motorcycle Gifts for Christmas, PART 2:


Elf No 1: “Hey what kind of Motorbike does Santa have?”

Elf No 2: “A Holly Davidson!”


…..yeah, yeah, we KNOW that’s an Indian



Motorcycle Gifts Part 2

As we said in Part 1, this list of the Best Motorcycle Gift for Christmas is so epic we had to split it into two parts. This is also the Motowitch Wish List but included are some products we actually use ourselves. Read all the way to the end to discover some heartwarming gifts to raise your Kharma points until the end of time.

Be sure to look out for our 2 free gifts to you below…now for PART TWO of the Best Motorcycle Gifts to give your Motorcycle Lover.


Bags and panniers are essential for some bikers, especially those who rack up the miles often. So high-quality and stylish options make great Motorbike gifts. Check out our favourite brands for practical weatherproof options through to stylish vintage replicas depending on style preference. Get the best of both worlds with something visually pleasing yet practical that you know will be put to good use!


DeemeeD Europe offer a wide range of bags for bikers, from front bags that sit snugly between the handlebars to back rack or passenger seat bags. One of the unique selling points of DeemeeD bags is that they come with a 30 year guarantee from date of purchase!

Bikers Paradise

Bikers Paradise offers both leather panniers and fabric (weather-proof) options. They also offer free worldwide shipping, and amongst their other products, they offer a part-exchange option for old leather jackets!

Viking Bags

Viking Bags has a huge range of Motorcycle bags depending on your bike style, from cruiser to street or dirt bike. You can also purchase Saddlebags by make such as Yamaha, Harley Davidson, or Honda. These would make great gifts for motorbike lovers that are passionate fans of a particular brand.

Pack Animal

Pack Animal has some seriously stylish duffle bags, saddlebags, and backpacks in cool unique colours. Their shop also includes some cool little accessories such as key ring glove cinchers and leather care kits. Pack Animal is great for gifts for motorbike lovers that have a strong sense of style and appreciate high-quality products.

The Café Racer

The Cafe Racer stocks a huge amount of great styles from various brands, and they also have a price match guarantee in place. If you find any products that they stock somewhere else cheaper, then they will look to match the price, as well as sending you a free thermal neck warmer!

Bad Guy Leather

Guy Mokie hand crafts custom leather goods, all  made to order in Los Angeles. From Swing Arm bags, to Sissy Bar bags, back packs, tool rolls and more the Bad Guy Leather Etsy Store is a feast for the eyes.


Patches and badges have become a quintessential accessory synonymous with bikers over the years. Despite being down to personal preference, they can still make a fun gift if you know their taste well enough! From sarcastic dark humour to retro pinups girls, there’s a whole host of options out there ready to go to a loving home and sit pride of place on someone’s lapel!

Louis EU

For old school and retro patches to sew onto bike jackets, check out Louis EU. They also stock a range of other fun bike accessories as well as DVDs and books which make great stocking fillers.

She Wolf Moto Co

For awesome girl power female rider stickers, pins, patches and tees visit She Wolf Moto Co. Perfect unique gifts for motorcycle riders, especially the female biker in your life! She can proudly display her Shewolf merchandise while being a total badass on her bike!




Motorbike tech is a bit of an overlooked market. What does motorbike tech even mean? There’s a whole range of tech available for bikers that will make their rides more enjoyable and their lives a whole lot easier! Check out our top suggestions and favourite brands for the likes of bluetooth headphones, GPS navigator and power adaptors that make practical motorbike gifts.

Symtec Heated Grips

One bit of a tech that those hardy Winter riders will love is heated grips! The Symtec Heated Grip Kit with Rocker Switch is one we use personally on our Triumph Bonneville and Royal Enfield as you can pair it with your favourite grips. The rocker switch is small enough that it doesn’t take away from the classic look of our bikes. Adventure Spec or Winding ROads are two such places that supply them. Perfect gifts for motorbike lovers who live in colder climates.
Adventure Spec, Winding Roads


Revzilla stock lots of great motorbike tech from earphones, bluetooth communication devices and GPS systems to power adaptors and various mounts for your bike. We personally love the Sena 10R bluetooth system. It’s easy to use, sounds great and is compact enough that we don’t hate it on our trusty Biltwell Gringos.
Never worry about getting lost of separated from your bike buddies again!



Sea of Rocks

Sea Of Rocks makes simple laid back gear for those who love to go on Motorbike adventures. From fold-away tents that you can pitch to your bike to luggage straps, perfect for road trips.


If you’re looking for a small gift for your beloved biker or some stocking fillers, then check out these smaller and super affordable gift ideas.


Demon Tweeks

If you’re a lover of giving practical gifts then the biker in your life may appreciate a tyre pressure gauge; they also have plenty more for maintenance so if you’re not sure what to get, you could always give a gift voucher.

Polymath Products

Polymath have some cool products from handy pocket-sized anti-fog spray to a pocket fire lighting kit and an ultra lightweight camping stove. Wonderful unique gifts for motorcycle riders who love adventures in the wild!


Bob Heath

Bob Heath sells loads of different visors but we love are the handy inexpensive visor wipers that can be attached to a riders glove. These make for great practical motorbike gifts or stocking fillers.

Best Christmas Gifts For Motorcycle Riders: Give A Gift That Means More

Perhaps this Christmas you could also give a gift that means more by donating to a biker charity. There are so many worthy causes out there, so it’s tough to choose just a few to suggest, but these are our top three:

Blood Bikers

Run by unpaid volunteers, the Blood Bikers transport vital medical supplies quickly to hospitals. This can include blood for transfusions, organs for transplants or milk for prematurely born babies.


To Volunteer or Donate:




Donate Blood

Why not give the gift of life and donate blood at your local blood clinic. Many Motorcycle Clubs host blood drives in their regions. To get you started we’ve included  links to some blood clinics around the world.

We’ve even included a handy little Gift Certificate that you can print out for FREE to give to your loved one to show them what an awesome donation was made in their honour.

https://www.giveblood.ie/ https://www.blood.co.uk/ https://www.redcrossblood.org https://www.americasblood.org/ https://www.drk-blutspende.de/

Motoculture Non-Profits

This section was inspired by our badass female biker friend Tasha Paz over at Motoculture Journal. She shared a list of motorized non-profits that’s worth checking out at the link below. In her words:

“Choose to give to a greater cause. The following motorized nonprofits are just a few amazing examples of the biker and the human spirit that are working non stop to help other people out and they truly deserve our respect.”  


All photos © of the respective brands

This list is so epic that we had to split it into TWO parts.

Did you miss PART ONE?

No problem, you can find it right HERE

Don't miss out on future articles by female bikers about all things motorcycles and adventure.




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Rhiannon Robertson

Rhiannon Robertson

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